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About Carers Matters Norfolk eLearning Portal

The Carers Matter Norfolk eLearning Portal is an online platform for unpaid carers. It brings together, in one place, online learning to support carers to manage the practical and emotional aspects of caring, as well as their own health and wellbeing.

Whether you’re an adult caring for another adult, a child or young person caring for your parent or sibling or a parent caring for a child, there is learning here that will meet your needs.

The design of the eLearning Portal, from the background to the categories and topics, was led by what matters to carers and they will continue to shape its ongoing development.

Coming soon - extra features

You will be soon be able to register and log in to the Carers Matter Norfolk eLearning Portal. Registration gives you exclusive access to two extra features:

1. You can bookmark the learning resources you’ve looked at or were interested in and come back to them at another time

2. You can set-up your profile to receive email updates; be the first to find out when new eLearning resources are added to the Portal.

Registering for the eLearning Portal registers you with all of Carers Matter Norfolk’s services, meaning you don’t have to give your details again, only have to tell your story once and easily access the wide range of support that we provide. Check back regularly for updates on the launch of these exciting features for the eLearning Portal and more.